i wish i know med as much as i know music

first day of elective:
Resident: So, what affects your cardiac output?
Me: …. (oh shit I forgot.. f*ck)

second day of elective, first time to scrub-in:
Dr. Watkins: So, give me 7 P’s which can help in blood coagulation?
Jolene: uhm…… sorry sir I’m not really sure..
Dr Watkins: Ok then. You have… ( he enumerates..)

at the operating room earlier today:
(old school rock playing in the background)
Dr Cambria: Jolene, who sang this song?
Me: uhm, Jimi Hendrix?
Dr. Cambria: Correct! (sings..)

few minutes later and some songs after:
Dr. Cambria: how about this one? They are like the famous band of all time!
Me: not really sure sir..
Dr. Cambria: Well, it’s what I feel about my fellow here, I am “comfortably numb”…
Me: ah!!!! Pink Floyd!!!

(Actually di ko rin sure kung bakit ko yun alam pero ambilis magregister.. hehe)

I think mastery is the better term. I wish I MASTER med concepts MORE than music. I’m certain it will be way more useful and helpful. goodluck clerkship haha.