i wish i know med as much as i know music

first day of elective:
Resident: So, what affects your cardiac output?
Me: …. (oh shit I forgot.. f*ck)

second day of elective, first time to scrub-in:
Dr. Watkins: So, give me 7 P’s which can help in blood coagulation?
Jolene: uhm…… sorry sir I’m not really sure..
Dr Watkins: Ok then. You have… ( he enumerates..)

at the operating room earlier today:
(old school rock playing in the background)
Dr Cambria: Jolene, who sang this song?
Me: uhm, Jimi Hendrix?
Dr. Cambria: Correct! (sings..)

few minutes later and some songs after:
Dr. Cambria: how about this one? They are like the famous band of all time!
Me: not really sure sir..
Dr. Cambria: Well, it’s what I feel about my fellow here, I am “comfortably numb”…
Me: ah!!!! Pink Floyd!!!

(Actually di ko rin sure kung bakit ko yun alam pero ambilis magregister.. hehe)

I think mastery is the better term. I wish I MASTER med concepts MORE than music. I’m certain it will be way more useful and helpful. goodluck clerkship haha.

Three Important Tips for Living:

(1) Learn to be an optimist; find the bright side
(2) Make other people matter. Money matters by using it for others.
(3) Don’t compare with others. Do better relative to the past, not relative to other people.

i can’t wait for Friday <3

Bikram Yoga Manila

We sacrifice our health for work to make money. Then we spend the money to fix our health. It doesn’t make sense. Make an appointment with yourself. Just do yoga”

That’s what is written on their leaflet. And their argument actually makes sense :) (although I think this is more of a rationalization because it’s kinda pricey hehe)

Bikram Yoga is still yoga, with breathing exercises, meditation and different stretching and muscle strength-building poses. But it’s a bit different such that, you do the poses in a heated room. The heat facilitates stretching, which lessens the strain on your muscles.

I tried Bikram Yoga last year because of my 5-month history of lumbar back pain. I got my money’s worth because the pain resolved after 3 sessions of yoga. I paid P1000 for their First-Timer Package which includes unlimited one week classes. I think they packaged it as such because doing the poses in a heated room is not as easy as it seems. But generally, it’s a strategic move because trying it just once could make you quit. I would. If not for my P1000 haha.

The succeeding classes range from P450-P800, depending on what package you take. They have (1) class cards - ideal for those who practice 1-2x/week and (2) unlimited - for the truly committed. (More details on their website). They have 2 studios, one in Makati and one in Morato. I have only been to Morato (in front of Shakey’s near the Scout Rotonda)

I availed of another 5 sessions recently, just one of those spontaneous spur of the moment things I did last week. I am in need of meditation, physical activity, tremendous stretching (haha) and something to keep my mind off the excitement yet to come in December :D

What I like about Bikram Yoga:

* I love the feeling after the stretch! I feel the stretch in every muscle fibers of my spinal column haha. My quads and spinatus muscles (especially the scapula) are also sore but it’s the good kind of pain. The happy workout pain hehe

* The instructors push you to your limits. They really supervise the students and they make sure you do the postures right. The benefits of the workout depend on how much effort you give.

* I feel every toxin flushed out of my system. really subjective but it’s true! haha.

* Working out in a 2 piece bikini haha (highly encouraged :p not required though haha. other variations to workout clothes: boyleg spandex shorts and sports bra, leggings, normal comfy but somewhat fitted workout shirt and shorts but expect them to get drenched in sweat)

* Meditation, relaxation and the fresh, energized, content feeling after :)

Some other considerations:

* mahal. greatest deterrent. range= P450-P800 (you can ask me for the exact price per package hehe)

* really intense workout. the heat gets to you sooner or later. Dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, blinking stars? hehe. the stretch is not as fun during the routine haha. well remember, the key is to push yourself! breathe more and meditate. Again, it is not as easy as it seems. I STRUGGLE EVERYTIME.

* definite schedule (see here) you really need to commit some days of the week.

There are people who consider yoga as a lifestyle. But for a newbie like me, I like it at the moment because of the happy workout pain and the stimulated energized feeling after workout. Who knows, my current arthritis issue might resolve with the heat and stretching! haha. I might continue with it if I have the money. But as of now, I still have 4 more sessions to go. I should just make the most out of that :)


image from Bikram Yoga Manila website.

Disclaimer: I am not as flexible as the people in the picture. Nor are they requiring you to be that flexible. Happy stretchy workout lang talaga :)

chill :)

* image from this blog

chill :)

* image from this blog